AN ELITE TEAM OFFERING World class specialist expertise

You get direct access to a team of top specialists in cyber and data law, privacy and digital ethics, and crisis and reputation management, that are each world leaders in their respective fields.


Flexible Engagement Plans to Meet Your NeEds

While others charge helty retainers, we offer a combination of ‘a la carte’ options as well as membership-based ‘service bundles’ so that you only pay for what you need.


A Wide Range of MOdular Education and Training

In addition to high quality, hands-on workshops, scenario rehearsals and training, we provide a range of low cost, easy to access e-learning modules.

Crisis Management for the Digital Era

Current Dynamics

New Realities

Compelling Value

Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

Thinking Long-term

Developing a deep relationship so that we can serve you better

Do you need Crisis Management?

High retainer fees and a lack of ‘clear and present danger’ have led to low adoption of crisis management services

Low Overheads - Great Value

With hefty retainers and overheads, and techniques that are outdated in the digital era, it is little wonder that the level of adoption of crisis management services has been low. We offer far better service and much better value.

Growing cyberthreat

The risk of a data breach has become a very ‘clear and present danger’ for almost all organisations

Frequent and persitent threats

The new reality is that organisations are ALL under near constant threat not only from attack by hackers, but also from insiders. And it is far more than just a security risk, with the potential for massive regulatory fines, litigation and severe reputational damage.

Digital Era Crisis Management

With low overheads we offer membership levels for great value crisis management support

Top Talent - Great Value

We avoid the hogh overheads and therfore hefty retainers that our rivals charge. We focus on having the best specialist talent and allowing clients to access it as they wish - either ah hoc on an 'a la carte' basis or via great value membership pachages for our crisis management services.

White paper: Brands, Trust & Digital Ethics

As featured in the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Journal

Storm Ahead

Storm Ahead

Being Fully Prepared

Ensuring that you are ready to respond to any situation

Are you covered?

Organisations are starting to see both cyber insurance and crisis management as worthwhile investments

Providing the Right Cover

You could experience a major data leak, outage or breach at any time and need to be prespared for the potenial consequences. Cyber insurance and crisis management adoption levels, already high in the US, are now increasing rapidly in Europe as well.

Ensuring Risk Alignment

Risk alignment reduces the chance of a breach. Scenario planning and simulation helps you be prepared

Achieving Risk Alignment

We can facilitate cross-functional collaboration to ensure effecive alignment between your CMO’s Crisis Management Plan, your CIO’s Information Security Strategy and your CRO’s Privacy Impact Assessment.

Improve your cyber risk rating

Once risk alignment and scenario planning and simulation are complete we notify risk rating firms

Lobbying ratings firms for you

As security ratings continue to mature, regulations are being introduced to give organizations the right to challenge their rating and provide clarifying data. We lobby risk rating firms on your behalf to improve your rating and potentially reduce your cyber risk premium

White paper: 2019 – the Dawn of Cyber Litigation

As featured in the Daily Telegraph

The Storm

The Storm

Getting the best support

Ensuring you have the access to the very best talent when it counts most

Sounding the alarm!

When a crisis does happen, immediate access to the very best expertise is essential to minimise the impact

Top talent when you need it most

Access to elite cyber law experts to help you reach a legally defensible position, and to a top crisis management team to enable you to weather the storm and minimise the impact of regulatory and legal sanctions as well as reputational damage.

Access to elite skills

You need access to top talent in cyber law and digital ethics as well as crisis and reputation management

When nothing but the best talent will do

When your brand and your organisation is under threat, nothing but the very best talent will do. Not only to reach a legally defencible position, but also to counter the hysteria and misinformation that inevitably follows any have major data leak, outage or breach.

We are your extended team

We work with your in-house and agency teams to add specialist expertise when it is needed most

Extra skills and capabilities to complement your own

Just when you need to counter hysteria and misinformation, your credibility will be at an all time low. Traditional crisis management teams don't have the right tactics and won't have the necessary authority and credibility or the expertise in digital ethics that you will need. You'll need the Crisis Team instead.

White paper: Exploding the Myths of Conventional Crisis Management Wisdom

Who are we?



Imagine if you could call upon the world’s top cyber law expert and the top digital ethics expert, supported by a team of leading crisis management practitioners. After all, when disaster strikes, you’ll want the very best advice.


The digital era brings with it entirely new opportunities and threats. The old techniques no longer work. When the worst happens, the tranditional approach won’t do you any good. A new approach with nothing but the very best specialist skills and services is needed.


Disrupting the market for crisis management services, where hefty retainers and overheads are the norm, we offer competitive, flexible access to a better set of specialist skills and services than you could find anywhere else.


The crisis management industry is preparing its clients for yesterday’s problems, using methods and business models that are out of date. Today the biggest threat to your brand and your business is a major data leak, outage or breach. It could be caused by a hacker or a careless or disgruntled member of staff or you could face a whistle-blower. And it could happen at any moment.

With hefty retainers and overheads, crisis management firms focus on containing crises, but with GDPR swift and wide disclosure is mandatory and containment is impossible. A whole new approach is required. You need an elite team of specialists that can move swiftly to do everything from advising you on your legal exposure to leveraging global influencer networks to counter any hysteria and misinformation.

You need The Crisis Team.

See this video:

The Digital Era Crisis Management Specialists

Specialists for the Digital Era

When you have a major data leak, outage or breach, you are going to need the very best specialist advice from people with deep knowledge of GDPR, privacy and cyberlaw.

Access to top specialist talent

Our core team are globally renown experts in all aspects of GDPR and cyberlaw, privacy and digital ethics and of course crisis management.

Pay for what you need - on demand

You want to avoid a hefty monthly retainer and only pay for the skills and services that you actually need.

The services you need - the way you want them

We offer the very best skills and services either on an 'a la carte' basis or in special bundles that come with different membership levels

Traditional techniques no longer work

Traditional crisis management agencies focus on containing a crisis, but GDPR mandates prompt and wide disclosure making containment impossible.

Countering hysteria and misinformation

We have access to a unique network of global influencers that can move quickly to help you counter the kind hysteria and misinformation that can arise

Be ready to take action FAST

When crisis hits, it is the actions that you take in the first 15 minutes and first hour that count most. You need to be ready to act.

Ready to go for the 4Fifteens and beyond

We are ready to swing into action with an action plan to address any scenario - and defined tactics for the first 15 minutes, the second, the third and the fourth and then the hours and days that follow

What We Do

Digital Era Crisis Management

Don’t leave it until it is too late. Get in touch now to find out more

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