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During the current emergency many organisations are changing how they work, including a dramatic increase in working from home. This provides opportunities for criminals who would capitalise on the crisis. We expect an increase in cyberattacks, ransomware and data losses.

The Crisis Team is partnering with Klaatu IT Security and the ELIAS Partnership to offer any UK NHS service free support from our RAPTOR rapid response service. Based on a tried and tested military/government response model, RAPTOR has four elements to help your in-house service providers with rapid resolution of any cyber incident.

This is part of a wider initiative the Cyber Alliance to Defend Our Healthcare led by C5 Capital.

If you suspect you may be the subject of a cyberattack – CALL US! on 01793 676634 to talk to one of our rapid response specialists.

Ensuring that social entrepreneurs working to further the UN Sustainable Development Goals can get support from real experts, especially during times of crisis.

Bill Mew, founder and CEO of the Crisis Team is one of a number of experts that  have joined the Human Lending Library, an initiative run by charity Expert Impact that provides founders or CEOs of social enterprises and charities access to 60 business experts, for free, to seek advice on business or organisational challenges. More than 200 charity and social enterprise leaders have used the service to date.

Launched in March 2019, the Crisis Team is the first true digital era crisis management firm. We have assembled an elite core team of principles, each world leaders in their respective fields of expertise. See the following thought leadership papers:

Don't wait until a crisis occurs before thinking of crisis management

It is like waiting until you are drowning before thinking of learning to swim

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