Partner Program

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There are times when only the very best advice will do. Our core team includes some of the most prominent advisors on topics from incident response, cyber litigation and GDPR to repution and crisis management, digital ethics and social and influencer marketing.

  • Access to the very best advisors when you need it most.
  • An elite team, each among the most prominent in the world.
  • Real specialists with deep knowledge and experience.



Our elite team are about the best in the world at whet they do and our services our truly world class. We want to collaborate with partners that are also at the top of their game.


We want to collaborate in a way that is attractive and profitable for both sides and that provides real value to our joint clients.


Our focus is on teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

We are the best in the world at what we do, if you are as well then we should be working together

We believe that we are outstanding. Not just because we say so, but because we we have years of experience, we have accumulated unrivelled expertise and we can demonstrate examples showing unbeatable value.

Our services complement your own

We work with partners in two ways, either providing a commission for leads where we retain responsibility not only for delivery, but also for billing and account management OR offering our partners the opportunity to white label our services and deliver them as their own, where the partner retains responsibility for the billing and account management.

  • The technical fix: Get expert help with leading experts in IT system troubleshooting and cyber incident response to identify and the fix problem(s), and do forensics to diagnose the cause and full scope. Getting an immediate fix to resolve the problem, stem any data loss and recover any systems is essential. Any delay will magnify the impact of the incident and damages incurred. Even if you already have some incident response capability, scalability is an issue for us all and there will be times when you’re maxed out. We can help you source extra skills and you can earn a margin on such services.
  • The legal defence: Seek expert advice in cyber and data law to rapidly develop a legal strategy and a legally defensible narrative based on the forensics. Having the right legal strategy and narrative are both essential to limit legal and regulatory exposure. Even if you have in house or external legal support, they will typically seek the opinion of a QC with cyber and data law expertise, which is where we can help.
  • The brand defence: Get expert cyber comms support to help your internal and agency teams deal with the added complexity and enhanced comms workload. The standard PR approach to crisis management simply won’t work in a cyber incident and may even make things worse. Even if you have in-house capability, you’ll need specialist support to know how best to respond to a cyber incident as well as extra resource to deal with the added complexity and enhanced comms workload.
  • The social response: Get top global privacy/security influencers to act as trusted voices to counter misinformation with authority and hysteria with reach and credibility. To counter misinformation and hysteria when your own credibility is at an all-time low, you’ll need the support of authoritative opinion leaders in privacy and security. Our team includes many of the top global influencers and opinion leaders and is connected to almost all the others.