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We help organisations with everything from scenario planning to full crisis rehearsals with elaborate simulations that put your team to the test, to see how they would cope with a range of different possible crises.

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Before founding Consulting WP in early 2001, Brandon started two Internet companies in Silicon Valley. Previously, Brandon held various management positions in New York at Simon Brothers, most recently as Vice President in Goldhill Group, focusing on new business development and risk management. He has also worked as a senior financial risk management consultant to the financial services industry; software engineer; advertising sales manager for the popular Caribbean travel guide series; general manager of an advertising and graphic

The Need for Risk Alignment

In the past, most consumers simply trusted that technology would work and that companies would use their data responsibly. A series of high profile incidents has shaken this trust and it is going to take years to recover from this and to rebuild the level of trust.

For software and technology companies, the link between data privacy and corporate responsibility is relatively straightforward. For the very first time, industry analyst firm Gartner has named digital ethics and privacy as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2019. The Gartner report says that, “any discussion on privacy must be grounded in the broader topic of digital ethics and the trust of your customers, constituents and employees. While privacy and security are foundational components in building trust, trust is actually more than just these components. Trust is the acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation. Ultimately an organisation’s position on privacy must be driven by its broader position on ethics and trust. Shifting from privacy to ethics moves the conversation beyond, ‘are we compliant’ toward ‘are we doing the right thing’”.

Even in non-tech industries, however, privacy has become a major issue. 80% of UK consumers surveyed by FleishmanHillard Fishburn have stopped using the products and services of a company because the company’s response to an issue does not support their personal views.

The research report from FleishmanHillard Fishburn entitled ‘The Dying Days of Spin’ looked at the issues that were most important to consumers across all industries and sectors (not just tech). Many of the issues that it found to be of greatest concern, such as healthcare and education, were ones that consumers expected the government to act on. Interestingly, though, the main issues that consumers expected companies to act on are now security and privacy, surpassing things like diversity and sustainability that had previously topped this list.

Never has in been more important to ensure that you are able to capitalise on digital ethics as a means of competitive differentiation – companies with a culture of digital ethics are not only more likey to be trusted, but they are less likely to suffer a data incdent and better able to deal with one. Then if or when the worst des occur – you need to ensure that you are able to respond effectively in the event of a major data leak, outage or breach to minimise to impact to your business and your reputation.

The RAPTOR methodology, developed by The Crisis Team, is designed to help organisations achieve risk alignment – between the CMO’s Crisis Management Plan, the CIO’s Information Security Strategy and the CRO’s Privacy Impact assessment. This will enable you to be on the front foot and to start establishing digital ethics as a core brand value, which will of course not only mitigate the chances of a data breach, but also make you better able to respond in the event of one (of course your best bet when seeking to respond to a crisis is contacting The Crisis Team).

The Crisis Team

  1. Utilizing our RAPTOR methdology
  2. Applying elite talent and specialist expertise
  3. Offering the very best service
  4. Minimise overheads to maximise value for money

To minimise overhead and therefore cost, we provide an online learning module for the pre-workshop preparation in order to gather necessary data from the participants on the current status of the Crisis Management Plan which is typically overseen by the marketing department (if that is a crisis management plan exists), the Information Security Strategy which is overseen by the IT department and the Privacy Impact Assessment which is overssen by whichever department has responsibility for compliance.

The workshop itself is run by one of our team of elite crisis management experts and is designed to facilitate the alignment of the various internal processes using the Crisis Team’s RAPTOR methodology.

Following the workshop we send on a report which will outline a plan that sets put a path for achieving full risk alignment, detailing necessary actions for this.

Choice of workshop options to suit all organisations and their needs

SMB Workshop
From £2000

Suitable for small or midsize organisations:

  • 3 executives participating (typically the CEO, CMO and CIO)
  • Emphasis on online modules for preparation and follow up to minimise costs
  • Centred on a half day workshop to align risk management across the organisation
  • One senior member of the Cisis Team participating
Large Workshop
From £4000

Suitable for large organisations:

  • 4-6 executives participating (including representatives from the CEO, CMO, and CIO as well as corporate communications)
  • Utilizing online modules for preparation and follow up to minimise costs
  • Centred on a full day workshop to align risk management across the organisation
  • Two senior member of the Cisis Team participating
Multi-national Workshop
From £6000

Suitable for multi-national organisations:

  • 6+ executives participating (including representatives from the CEO, CMO, and CIO as well as corporate communications and key national business units)
  • Utilizing online modules for preparation and follow up to minimise costs
  • Centred on a multi-lingual full day workshop to align risk management across the organisation
  • Two or more senior member of the Cisis Team participating

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