Cybercrime is not only a threat for us all, but it is the greatest threat that we face

The Myth:

We aren’t the ones that hackers are going to target. We are too small / too unimportant / too secure (delete as applicable)

We are notoriously bad at recognising and appreciating risk:

  • We failed to appreciate the credit risk ahead of the 2008 financial crisis
  • We failed to appreciate the health risk ahead of the 2020 pandemic
  • We have failed to appreciate the privacy risk despite the introdustion of GDPR
  • Again we are failing to appreciate the cyber risk despite the looming threat from cybercrime

The Reality:

Hackers are opportunists and all organizations of all sizes are potential targets

With far more remote working than you planned for, you are more vulnerable than ever. Hackers see this as a massive opportunity and we are all potential targets.

Almost all organisations have vulnerabilities and few if any are fully secure. Instead, organisations need to understand their risk appetite and align their cybersecurity spending and strategy to this.

Unfortunately, it’s probably not a matter of ‘if’ you’ll get hit, but ‘when’. And since the average breach takes more than six months to detect, it may well already have happened

Prevention is the priority, but as NO organisation is totally secure, you also need to prepare for the inevitable

You’re NOT to GDPR compliant unless you regularly test, assess and evaluate your processes. You not only need to do scenario planning, but you also need to run immersive simulation exercises to ensure that your team is crisis prepared.



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