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As Police use of Facial Recognition is ruled lawful, Bill Mew, Crisis Team’s principle consultant and CEO, appears on broadcast TV to call for do we have adequate safeguards. The recent ruling assumes that Facial Recognition is akin to CCTV which is in widespread use, but an appeal to the ruling will argue that it is a biometric identifier and needs to be treated in the same way as DNA or fingerprints. After all if the data is ever leaked, there are massive implications. If a password is leaked, you can reset it. But you cannot reset your DNA, your fungerprints or indeed your face.

TV interview: As @SWPolice’s use of #facialrecognition is ruled lawful, @BillMew explains that there’s no public mandate for its use (akin to #ID cards) & we need greater #safeguards for #biometric #data (our faces, #fingerprints and #DNA)
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