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In an intersting move Huawei has offered to allay security concerns and circumvent the tarif situation by allowing prospective Western buyers to licence its 5G technology – including the source code. Bill Mew explains the issues in this brodcast interview for RT.

Video: @BillMew from @CrisisTeamUK explains why @Huawei is offering its #5G tech to rivals on @RT_com and then also offers a Formula 1 analogy to explain how this may play out

Bill also provides further detail with the Formula One Analogy below:

The F1 Analogy:

If the 5G race was Formula One then Huawei would be akin to a team with an enormous lead over all the rivals teams. Consequently, some of these rivals have cried foul, but rather than admit that they are simply uncompetitive, they are claiming that Huawei’s control system is somehow ‘unsafe’. In a shock move Huawei is now offering to share its technology with rival teams (just as some engine manufacturers really do in Formula One). Whichever rival team licences this technology will immediately be propelled to the top of the grid and find themselves competing for poll position. But Huawei has also offered not to compete in certain markets. Meaning that those that licence their technology might be left with a clear run and a clear advantage in the US Grand Prix and certain others. This would allow them to clean up. Indeed even in some markets where Huawei does compete, the rival licencing its technology may have an advantage by claiming its control system is more ‘safe’.

The problem comes next season, with 6G. Using Huawei’s designs and your manufacturing expertise to make a furtune in 5G doesn’t guarantee you a lead in 6G. If you lacked the design skills to be competitive in 5G without licencing Huawei’s tech then your design skills are likley to remain far inferior to those at Huawei.

It will be interesting to see which Western buyers demonstrate an interest in licencing Huawei’s 5G technology.

Also see a few responses to Bill’s comments on RT:



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