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How we work with PR Agencies

Organisations of all kinds (including all your clients) are concerned that they could be hit by a data incident at any time. It could be sparked by an employee succumbing to a phishing attack, by a disgruntled employee acting irresponsibly, by a whistle-blower going to the authorities, or by a range of external actors, and it may result in a major data leak, outage or breach, or maybe even in an organisation’s data being held hostage in a ransomware attack.
This will then lead to a wave of negative press, hysteria and misinformation across social media and potentially also regulatory sanction and legal action.
Your clients all share these concerns, but few are certain how they would cope if and when this occurred. The more incidents they see, the more they will be looking for some kind of specialist crisis management cover.
The big corporate agencies are responding to this by rapidly seeking to bolster their crisis management arms with some GDPR capabilties – but most lack any real digital expertise.
We look to partner closely with midsize PR agencies that want not only to counter the thteat from such big agencies, but that also want to be able to offer their clients the very best crisis management services.

PR Agencies

We are not looking to compete with PR agencies at all. We recognise that agencies are perfectly capable of meeting most of their clients’ needs, so we act as a specialist resource that can be called upon either to complement ongoing campiagns or come the the rescue when an incident occurs.

  • Specialist skills, services, knowledge and connections that no agency could match
  • A special 20% discount on out services that agencies can either profit from or pass on to their clients (10% on membership fees)


PR agencies are better off working with us than with traditional crisis management agencies as:

  • We do not complete for PR services – we are crisis management specialists.
  • There is no retainer that would be a drain on client budgets and diversion for precious PR fees
  • You have immediate access to the specialist advice and support that you need in a crisis
  • Clients could earn a discount on their cyber insurance.
Almost all organisations are not only under greater pressure than ever to increase their efficiency and capability through the adoption of digital transformation, but are also concerned that at any moment that could be impacted by a major data leak, outage or breach that would not only lead to punitive fines under GDPR, but massive reputational damage as well. One of the key challenges in 2019 will be striking the right balance between digital transformation ‘changing the world’ and digital ethics ‘doing the right thing’ as we see further privacy legislation in the US and increasing cyber litigation globally. Such challenges will not be limited to the tech sector where Facebook has suffered such a fall from grace, but are of concern across all sectors, as we have seen recently with Marriott Hotels.
Big corporate agencies are rapidly seeking to bolster their crisis management arms with some GDPR capabilties – but most lack any real expertise. The Crisis Team are the real experts in this field and are looking to collaborate with mid-size agencies that don’t have their own crisis management arms, but by collaborating with us could offer their clients a far superior service than the big corporate agencies.l.
The Crisis Team are the real experts in Digital Era CRisis Management and are looking to collaborate with mid-size agencies that don’t have their own crisis management arms. Collaborating with the Crisis Team will allow mid-size agencies to offer their clients a far superior service than the big corporate agencies at a time when all their clients are concerned in regard to their exposure in the event of a data incident.
  • Some of your clients will want to be on the front foot – seeking to differentiate themselves as a trusted brand, leveraging digital ethics – we can offer to collaborate on digital ethics materials (papers, podcasts, etc) through to brand consulting.
  • Other clients may be worried what may happen if they don’t prepare for data privacy incidents – we can help with specialist scenario planning and managed simulation excercises.
  • The rest of your clients may wait until they face their own data privacy incident, but at that point when their own credibility is at its lowest ebb they will struggle to counter the inevitable hysteria and misinformation. At that point they will regret not having established relationships with privacy influencers (such as our network of contacts) who would have the authority to do this on their behalf.
In all of this we offer PR agencies the option of using us as sub-contractors – allowing them to offer our full range of specialist services to extend their capabilities and enabling them to earn a mark-up in doing so.
Data ethics will be the defining issue of 2019. This is an opportunity for mid-size agancies to colloborate with real experts in this field.
Pitch Registration to Guarantee Competitive Advantage:
For those familiar with deal registration in the IT channel, we run a confidential pitch registration system so that the first agency partner to register a new client pitch with us, will guarantee our exclusive support for this pitch – thereby guaranteeing that we won’t appear alongside any of their rivals in this competitive scenario (as long as the agency commits to include our services as an option in their final proposition).

Together, your agency and The Crisis Team make a winning combination:

  • You – get to offer an extra capability that is better than any rivak offering on the market and also earn a margin on any business we do with your clients.
  • You – protect yourself from the threat of big corporate agencies with their own crisis management capabilities.
  • Your clients – get a solution to address one of their grestest coporate concerns in 2019.
  • Your clients – get access to the very best digital era crisis management skills and capabilities

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