Operational Readiness Review

When the worst happens, our team is ready to swing into action to help you cope. We can also call upon a network of market influencers to help you counter any hysteria or misinformation that may arise.


Traditional crisis management techniques simply aren't effective in the digital era.

Conventional crisis management theory, as sepoused by most traditional crisis management agencies and details in most books on PR and crisis mangement, is to seek to contain a crisis for as long as possible in order to seek to prevent it going public, and then switching to a proactive strategy once it becomes public, where you admit your mistakes publicly adopt an open ‘Tell It All, Tell It Fast’ policy and ensure that our CEO takes visible ownership of the crisis.

This approach is flawed and simply won’t work in the digital era. Initial containment is impossible as GDPR regulations mandate prompt and wide disclosure. Admitting mistakes openly only works if you can persuade people to view as the victim of the crisis. In digital incidents, the hacker or whever coused the incident is rarely known and the blame automatically falls on the comany whose data was breached. And putting your CEO in the firing line will only invite futher damage. We explain the new realities in our white paper: ‘Exploding the Myths of Conventional Crisis Management Wisdom’

Before an emergency occurs we can review your operational readiness and recommend further steps to take in order to best prepare for the worst.

Then when an emergency does occur and you suffer a major data leak, outage or breach – DON’T PANIC. We are available to carry out an initial assessment of the situation and immediately review whether it constitutes a crisis. We are then able if necessary to draw upon our various crisis management services such as our emergency response services, our legal advisory services and our FUD busters services.

You need the support of digital era crisis management specialists

Emergency Response Services

The very best cyber law and digital ers crisis management skills when you need it most

Legal Advisory Services

Access to the very best cyber and data law expertise to help you build a legally defensible narrative

FUD Busters

A team of global social influencers to help counter the hysteria and misinformation following any incident